Jessie Kanelos-Weiner - Style & illustration

Jessie Kanelos-Weiner is one of the most popular modern illustrators and fashion lovers. Her passion for watercolor painting was born after she became a successful costume designer. She also worked as an illustration writer for a short time but then decided to cooperate with an essay writer to publish her famous “EDIBLE PARADISE: A COLORING BOOK OF SEASONAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES”. This was the work she has been creating for a few months, and that’s why she loved it that much. Putting so much effort in creating sketches for this book, then combining them, and adding texts appeared to be a tiresome job but the results were impressive: the book was sold out quickly and brought Jessie national fame and recognition. Since that time, she decided to illustrate a few more books and that dream came true as well: Jessie Kanelos-Weiner created illustrations for eight cookbooks. Below, you can find a few tips on style and illustration from Jessie:

  • If you want to create lively illustrations, practice illustrating the moving objects. Try to sketch people and everything that surrounds you as much as possible. Take your sketchbook everywhere since you never know where you get inspired; 
  • Cooperate with professionals. If you want to publish a book, find the best authors, editors, and writers for that. Thus, you will learn a lot from them and gain priceless experience of teamwork; 
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are big art projects: take your time to plan your work, do it, edit and improve it, and give the results to those whom you trust to evaluate it. Remember, that the more you do, the better expert you become.


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